Student Handbook

Have questions about our school rules, schedules, activities, or procedures? Click here to check out our Student Handbook, it has the answers!

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Summit Student Creed

At Summit High School, we take positive change seriously. Here is our student creed.

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Summit High on KSL!

Summit was recently recognized by KSL for our students' generosity in donating to their "Quarters for Christmas" program. Check out the video here! And way to go Summit students!

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Meet the Staff of Summit!

Our staff are committed to giving their all every single day to make a difference in the lives of our students.

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"The steeper the mountain the harder the climb the better the view from the finish line." -Anonymous

If you would like to serve on our School Community Council, please contact Dan Biolo at the school at 801-610-8183.

Positions available are:


Foster Parent

Proctor Parent

Bell Schedule
Monday – Early Release

1st         8:00am-9:07am
2nd          9:10am-10:17am
3rd          10:20am-11:27am
Lunch       11:27am-11:47am
4th          11:50am-12:54pm
5th          12:57pm-1:40pm


1st           8:00am-9:22am
2nd          9:25am-10:47am
3rd          10:50am-12:12pm
Lunch       12:12pm-12:32pm
4th         12:32pm-1:54pm
5th          1:57pm-2:40pm

Friday – Early Release

1st       8:00am-9:22am
2nd          9:25am-10:47am
3rd          10:50am-12:12pm
Lunch       12:12pm-12:32pm
4th         12:32pm-1:54pm

We Are Summit
They say the hardest climbs are the most rewarding.

Founded in 1980, Alpine Summit Programs has been making a difference in the lives of youth in Utah. We serve students who are in the custody of the State of Utah as well as students who are “at-risk.” Additionally, we work with many students who are mainstreamed in district schools with our district-wide mentoring program.

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1581 W 1000 S, Vineyard, UT 84059 - Phone: (801) 610-8183 - Fax: (801) 227-7831