Mountaineer Minute August 26, 2020

We are one week down in the school year already and so far things have been great at Summit! Students have arrived, teachers are teaching, activities are beginning, and the year is off and running. We are excited to have the students back having face-to-face instruction, and hope that it continues throughout the school year.

Would like to remind you of a few points of emphasis in order to keep the students and faculty safe so we can continue our in person instruction. First is that all students are required to wear masks while on the bus and in school. So far our students have been extremely compliant and have done great with the mask wearing. We appreciate everyone’s efforts in this regard. Second, remember if you have a student who is showing any symptoms of COVID outlined by the Utah County Health Department please keep your student home. In addition, if a student has been tested for COVID please do not send them to school until the test results come back negative. We appreciate the partnership we have with parents when it comes to keeping all students and employees safe and healthy.

We do have a few activities upcoming in September which we are excited for. Wednesday September 9, we will take a few students to the driving range to practice their golfing skills. We will be doing this after school from 12:45pm-2:45pm. Students will need to get a ride home from the driving range. More details will be coming and as we invite students to this activity we will provide the details. We have been given the clearance to attend clear creek from September 16-18. Because we take a small group and can maintain social distancing guidelines while at the camp we are able to attend. This is great news for Summit as Clear Creek is often a favorite for students who attend. We will be identifying and inviting a small group of students in the next few weeks. Wednesday September 23 we will take a few students fly fishing. More details will be forthcoming on this activity as well in the upcoming weeks.

Term 1 ends on Wednesday September 15. This means that Monday August 31st is midterm. Our terms move quickly at Summit, which is why it is so important for students to be attending school each day.

We appreciate all you do to make Summit an amazing school and for your efforts with your students.