Mountaineer Minute

Happy middle of September! This week is the end of term 1 and the beginning of term 2. It is hard to believe we have been in school for over a month already. We appreciate all of your efforts so far this year in ensuring your students are getting to school on time and ready to learn. We also appreciate your efforts in continuing to have your student wearing a facemask while at school and only coming to school when healthy. We hope for continued health this school year.

On this same subject, we want to remind you that if a member of your family has been tested for COVID, please keep all immediate family members at home until you receive the results of the COVID test. Additionally, if a student is tested for COVID they must stay home pending the results of the test. We appreciate our relationship with the Utah County Health Department and their continued support through this unprecedented time. If you ever have questions regarding health issues feel free to call me at Summit and if I don’t know the answer, I will talk to our school nurse for guidance.

Congratulations to our students of the week for the past few weeks. Daniel Barela, Patrick Valdez, Jayden Snyder and Chelsa Smith have all been student of the week to start the school year. If you know any of these students make sure to tell them congratulations! We appreciate all of our students, but especially those who are nominated by their teachers to be student of the week.

Congratulations to Natalie Sharples and Jason Crouch who will be graduating from Summit after term 1. These are our first 2 graduates for the school year. We hope for many more graduates this school year.

This week we have the opportunity to attend Clear Creek. Social distancing guidelines will still be in force while at the camp, but we are excited to be able to send a few students and staff to this amazing and fun experience. We are limiting numbers to 10 students to ensure social distancing can continue to take place. We are one of only a few schools that are able to attend clear creek this school year based on our small size. We know what a valuable experience it is for our students, and appreciate your support with allowing your students to attend.

SEOP’s or parent teacher conferences will be held Wednesday September 30th. They will run from 3pm-7pm as in years past, and your students teacher will be contacting you to set up an appointment time. These meetings traditionally take place in the school, but a virtual option will be offered by your teacher if you so desire. If you choose virtual you will only be able to meet with one teacher, so if you want to meet all of your students’ teachers you must come to the school. We will be using 4th period classes to determine which teacher will be responsible to contact and meet with you.

We appreciate all you do to make Summit an amazing school and for your efforts with your students.