Mountaineer Minute

Happy Middle of October! We have already arrived at the end of term 2 this week and will begin term 3 after fall break on October 20. We appreciate all of your efforts so far this year in keeping our students healthy and safe.

Congratulations to our past three students of the week: Daniel Ivy, Warner Astle, and Austyn Kirk. As you know they have been nominated by their teachers for exemplifying aspects of the student creed. These students in addition to being excellent students at Summit have shown qualities of the student creed including understanding that education and lifelong learning are the keys to today and the future, showing respect to to others so they can respect themselves and be deserving of the respect of others, and understanding that choices have results and that they are responsible for their actions. We applaud our students of the week and appreciate all they do to make Summit a better place.

Last week was spirit week at Summit. While we had to modify our activities based on COVID guidelines we were able to have a successful and fun week. Some of the highlights included a Monday morning welcome for all students by the staff of Summit High. Breakfast served on Tuesday to all students at a socially distant and safe distance. A game of rounders on Friday during 4th period complete with ice cream sandwiches after the game, and a concert from our Summit rock band Invictus. We do appreciate all of our students at Summit.

Many of you may have heard or seen the new schedule for secondary schools in the Alpine District for term 2. I want to let you know that Summit High, Summit Junior High, and our residential treatment facilities will not be changing schedules. We will continue to run with the same schedules that we have from the beginning of the school year. Our buses will continue to run 5 days a week and breakfast and lunch will be served everyday at school. In addition, if you read the information regarding the Alpine School District no students will be in school next week October 20-21. This again does not apply to Summit Students. Fall break is this week October 15-16 with a teacher professional development day on Monday October 19th. Students will return to school and buses will run as scheduled on October 20th. This is different from the rest of Alpine District. If you have any questions please feel free to email me, or call the school at 801-610-8183.

You may have seen the news regarding quarantining of students from school and new guidelines. I am attaching a document to this email that outlines the new protocol. If a student is quarantined from school due to exposure from someone in school the student may return to school if the following 3 things take place, first we can verify that the student was wearing a mask at all times while in school, second, the student has shown no symptoms of COVID, and third, after 7 days of exposure the student takes a COVID test and can verify they have tested negative. If all three of these things happen, then the student may return to school immediately and not wait the 14 days previously mandated. This potentially can cut the quarantine time in half to what it was previously. Hopefully this will ease the burden for those students who are exposed and must miss school. If you have any questions feel free to talk to me.

As was mentioned previously fall break is this week Thursday and Friday with a professional development day for teachers on Monday. Buses will not run and students will not be in school those days. School will run this week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and will not resume until Tuesday October 20th. This Wednesday, school will run normally. It is considered a minimal day for Alpine School District, but Summit has not changed schedule at all. Plan on buses running at the regular times this week.

We appreciate all you do to make Summit an amazing school and for your efforts with
your students.

Low Risk Test and Return