Summit Covid-19 Schedule Update

I want to apologize for the short notice and abrupt change of planning, however, it is vital that you understand the new schedule changes for Summit High moving forward. Today is the last day of term 2 and fall break begins tomorrow October 15th. Originally, term 3 was going to begin on Tuesday October 20th. This is now being altered. Students will not be in school on Tuesday or Wednesday October 20-21. Term 3 will begin on Thursday October 22. Moving forward students will be in school every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday’s will now be a remote learning day. I do not have specific details about what individual teachers will do with their classes, but class is in session, just not face to face. We appreciate¬†your partnership with the distance learning aspect of our students’ education this year. I know with COVID the world has turned upside down and we are having to figure out how to best make things work. Online learning is not ideal for our students but we are fortunate to have amazing teachers who are willing to help our students succeed. This success is not possible without your help as well, and we truly appreciate it.

This shift in schedule may be difficult for some specifically with access to the internet and computers. Please reach out to the school, myself, or specific teachers if you have needs in these areas. We do have chromebooks available for students. If you need a chromebook for your student we have a district form that needs to be filled out and then we need to sign the chromebook out. Our intention is for those who need chromebooks to do long term checkouts, not simply take one every Tuesday after school and bring it back Thursday. The checkout form and checkout needs to take place in person and Summit high. You can call and set up a time to do this if you need. In addition, we have some hot spots available if the internet is an issue. This would also be done in person and Summit High.
Also, breakfast and lunch are still available on Wednesday’s. Those meals can be picked up and taken home on Tuesday after school. They will be provided in a grab and go format. Students must grab the meals on Tuesday prior to leaving school as they will not be available on Wednesday’s.
I am attaching the original email that was sent to all parents in the Alpine School District regarding the changes being made. You may have received this email already, but due to my previous email saying we were not making the changes you may have disregarded the email. I am sending it for those of you who may have not received it or who didn’t read it due to my previous email.
I greatly apologize for sending one communication earlier this week and having to send changes today. I know this is happening quickly and there is not much time to process the information. If you have further questions feel free to reach out to me or contact the school at 801-610-8183.