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I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.

– William Earnest Henley


Alpine School District’s Summit Programs are designed to serve students who are in the custody of the State of Utah as well as non-custody students who are ‘at-risk’ for educational failure – meaning they have not succeeded in other school programs. We operate Summit High School and Summit Middle School, and teach at 3 Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs). We also work with custody students who attend mainstream schools with our District-wide mentoring program.


Following the closure in the late 70’s of the old State Industrial School (‘Reform School’) in Ogden, the State of Utah created a new system for dealing with troubled teens. The students were moved to community sites rather than being locked up in a large penal facility. Services to these students in Alpine District began in 1980 when a teacher was sent to one of those sites – a boys’ home in Cedar Valley.

One year later a classroom trailer was placed on district property in American Fork to serve the boys from the Cedar Valley group home along with other ‘custody students’ in the district. When it became apparent that this location and program was not adequate, that classroom trailer was moved to Orem High School in 1982. More growth and additional classrooms soon followed.


During the 2016 school year, Alpine Summit Programs served over 300 high school and junior high students on site in classrooms and 200 mentored students. More than 80% of these students are in state custody, while others are non-custody students.


With the addition in 1990 of serving non-custody students, and with increasing custody populations, the program has grown considerably. From our Life-Long Reader’s club to attending plays, to a college scholarship for every student, Summit is offering options for students that make us unique. Over 300 students per day are now served by Summit.

*Alpine Summit Programs does not and shall not discriminate on the 
basis of race, color, national origin (ancestry), sex, religion, 
disabilities, or age in any of its activities or operations. We are 
committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all 
students, staff, family members, and community members.

Why we work here:

Emily B. – Biology/PE Teacher
I like working at Summit because individuals matter here. I not only get to teach about biology but also about life. I get the chance to interact with amazing students and staff. They are like my family.
Heidi A. – English Teacher
I love working at Summit because there aren’t better people anywhere. I love working to really make a difference. I’m grateful to work with kids here at Summit. They are awesome—inside and out. Working at Summit is a dream come true.

For more information, click to download the Summit High Information Brochure.

1581 W 1000 S, Orem, UT 84058 - Phone: (801) 610-8183 - Fax: (801) 227-7831

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