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Summit Student Creed

Summit Student Creed

At Summit we want you to be successful in school and live a happy life. The Student Creed is a path that will lead you toward both of those goals. It’s a great blue print for life. To help you learn to live the Creed, we suggest that you memorize it. If you do memorize it, we’ll give you a free shirt.


Summit Student Creed

For Success in School & a Happy Life

I’m working to develop INTEGRITY and live an honest life.

I know that EDUCATION and LIFELONG LEARNING are the keys to today and the future.

I am committed to PERSONAL GROWTH in all areas of life:

Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual.

I understand that CHOICES have results and that I am RESPONSIBLE for my actions.

I will practice GOOD CITIZENSHIP so that I can help preserve the democracy in which I live.

I show RESPECT to others so that I can respect myself and be deserving of the respect of others.

I pledge to be CARING toward others and live a life of SERVICE.

I know that I can OVERCOME adversity and challenges.

As I follow this Creed I will find SUCCESS in school and develop a life of VALUE and MEANING.

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